Golden rules of time travel

This was originally going to be a lengthy list. It was going to be a big list of all the things that people traditionally do wrong in time travel movies and books.

Unfortunately, it started out like:

  1. Do not go back in time and interact with yourself
  2. Do not go back in time and meet your father/mother
  3. Do not go back in time and kill your grandfather/grandmother
  4. Do not go back to the dinosaur era and squish a fly
  5. Do not go back in time with the intention of winning at gambling
  6. Do not go forwards in time by 800,000 years

...and so on and so forth. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that because unless something goes wrong during time travel, you don't HAVE a book/movie, and that therefore there is only one real rule which is

  1. Do not travel through time for any reason

That is all.