Why ice cubes rock

Here's a list of reasons why ice cubes are the best things ever.

Ice cubes...

  • ...are 100% Fat-free
  • ...have zero calories
  • ...contain no added sugar
  • ...contain no added salt
  • ...have no artificial flavourings, colourings or sweeteners
  • ...contain no E-numbers
  • ...are totally organic
  • ...are guaranteed free from Genetic Modifications
  • ...have no wrappers or peel = no litter or waste
  • ...are environmentally friendly (or are they?)
  • ...are suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • ...do not contain nuts or wheat
  • ...are healthy and good for you
  • ...are approved by doctors and scientists
  • ...can be made at home! No need to buy them at the shops
  • ...are incredibly cheap
  • ...are so simple to make, even a kid can do it
  • ...can help slimming as part of a calorie-controlled diet
  • ...are cool
  • ...are crunchy
  • ...are tasty
  • ...are refreshing
  • ...melt in the mouth
  • ...make an ideal morning or afternoon snack
  • ...but don't ruin your appetite!

Zero calories? Make that LESS than zero!

Francesco Pieri writes,

I found your page on ice cubes exceedingly interesting.

Despite this, I have to say that you underestimate one of the reasons why ice cubes rock when you assert that they have zero calories. If one considers that the human body must provide the heat necessary to melt them (around 6 kJ/mol, or 0.079 kcal/g if one substitutes for the molar weight of water) and to bring this (now liquid) water to the average temperature of the body (around 310 K or 37 degrees Celsius), at the average energetic cost of about 0.0755 kJ/mol/K or 0.001 kcal/g/K (constant pressure specific heat of water, source: NIST Chemistry Webbook), and if one supposes the average weight of an ice cube to be 10 grams, the energy supplied by ice cubes amounts to the respectable value of -1.17 (MINUS 1.17) kilocalories per ice cube, and this supposing that they are ingested at their melting temperature (0 Celsius). This means, for example, that the calories contained in the standard Coca-Cola (not Diet Coke!) can (33 cl) are completely eliminated just by adding 148 ice cubes to it.

Is that brilliant or what? What are you waiting for? Go and eat some ice cubes now!


Eating ice should be a conscious decision on your part. If you find yourself with an unexplained urge to consume ice, you may have Pagophagia! Thanks to Aramis J. Troche for this tidbit.